21 days ago

What's your home worth?

Kerryn from Kerryn Allan - Raywhite Christchurch

We've had great success recently with being named the top office - #1 - for Sales in Canterbury for September, the interest at open homes has been fantastic with many multi offers and lots of buyers missing out.
If you'd like to take advantage of the great success we've achieved for our clients, contact me today for a no obligation free appraisal.

Or if you would like to keep updated with the latest sales results for your area (no spam) then email me with market update in the subject line and the area you would like to receive the sales on.

Kerryn Allan (03) 399 3733 / (03) 3322 080

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2 days ago

Need house for rent

Taranjeet from Hoon Hay

Hello everyone. My friend coming from Auckland to Christchurch and they are couple. They need one or two bedroom house for rent for a long term lease. Please advise me if any one got. Reference will be provide on request. Thanks

8 hours ago

Addictive Eaters Anonymous

The Team from Addictive Eaters Anonymous - Christchurch

Monthly AEA Web events are held on the third Saturday (Greenwich Mean Time) of each month.
For November it is 9am Sunday 17th November (NZ time).
For newcomers interested in receiving a Zoom invitation for the event, please email aeawebevent@gmail.com.

8 days ago

Poll: When do you start Christmas shopping?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

With Christmas coming up next month, it could be time to start thinking about gift shopping!

Are you one of those lucky people who can whip together some cool gift ideas a few days before, or are you prepared months in advance? When do you start your Christmas shopping? Vote in the poll below.

When do you start Christmas shopping?
  • 41.5% I start a few months before
    41.5% Complete
  • 24.7% I leave it until the last minute
    24.7% Complete
  • 30.9% Gifts aren't a priority for me
    30.9% Complete
  • 2.8% I do gift shopping on boxing day
    2.8% Complete
388 votes