41 days ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

It is obviously an old building being demolished but who knows where?

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1 day ago

Guide Dog

Theresa from Greytown

Ankie is a Guide Dog and the newest member of our family and the Wairarapa Region. She is out and about with her handler regularly in Greytown, the greater Wairarapa region and beyond.
Guide Dogs are permitted under the Human Rights Act 1993 and the Dog Control Act 1996 to have legal access to any place or vehicle and use any facility as any other member of the public. Failure to permit a guide dog and their handler could be a breach of the handlers Human Rights. As the partner witnessing refusal of entry, or being told NO DOGS ALLOWED is very stressful for us all. Ankie will be everywhere my partner goes and where we go as a couple.
We are both shocked at the ignorance that is prevalent in our community.

If there is any organisation, business, school and ECE centres that would like us to visit please do not hesitate to pm me.

Theresa on behalf of her partner and his beautiful assistant Guide Dog Ankie.

9 hours ago

Small bench oven

Janis from Masterton District

I have recently moved into a small cottage and really need just a bench oven would any one have one spare please and Thankyou

14 hours ago

Weather Warning

Masterton & Martinborough i-SITE Visitor Centres

Heavy Rain Watch

Watch out for surface flooding, slips, and rising river levels
Area: Wairarapa south of Greytown
Period: 6hrs from 9 am - 3 pm Mon, 6 Dec

Forecast: A period of heavy southerly rain. Rainfall amounts may approach short duration warning criteria.

Issued: 9:19 am Mon, 6 Dec
Next update: 9 pm Mon, 6 Dec


Waihenga Bridge Levels