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Mayoral majority increases after ordinary votes counted

Darren Petry from Taupo District Council

Taupō District Mayor David Trewavas has been returned to the top job with a majority of 3170 after all ordinary votes were counted over the weekend, 518 more than at progress stage.

There were no changes to the successful candidates in the preliminary results announced yesterday from the progress results released on Saturday afternoon. Special votes are yet to be counted.

Those elected to represent the Taupō ward are Kathy Guy, Yvonne Westerman, Kevin Taylor, John Williamson, Christine Rankin, Anna Park and John Boddy. The two successful candidates for the Turangi-Tongariro ward are John Mack and Tangonui Kingi. Mangakino-Pouakani ward representative Kirsty Trueman was elected unopposed.

The successful candidate for the Taupō East Rural Ward is Kylie Leonard and the two successful candidates for the Tongariro Community Subdivison of the Turangi-Tongariro Community Board are Amanda Maclaren and Wally Van der Aa.

There was no election needed for the Turangi Community Subdivision as the number of nominations equalled the number of vacancies. Ian Ashmore, Clint Green, Donna Searancke and Rob Serverne will represent that subdivision.

The council will be sworn in on Thursday, October 31 and the community board on Tuesday, November 5.

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We’re adjusting the electorate boundaries

Electoral Commission

We’re adjusting our electorate boundaries for the next two general elections.

By making sure each electorate has about the same number of people, we can give all New Zealanders equal representation in Parliament. It’s all balance.
If we move one of your electorate boundaries, you could end up in a different electorate to the one you’re in now – so we show you what we’re proposing before we make any changes and give you the opportunity to share your thoughts.

Have your say now at vote.nz
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Are you a recent home buyer? or a retiree in your own home?

The team Reporter from Sunday Star Times

Hi Neighbourly - we're looking for a first-home buyer to talk about why it was their goal to buy a house and the reasons behind it (need to be willing to be pictured with it). We're also looking for a few people 50 years or older to talk about how important owning their own home is to their retirement goals

Can you help? Email susan.edmunds@stuff.co.nz