33 days ago

Should vaping be banned in schools?

The team Reporter from Marlborough Express

Hi neighbours - Principals in schools are backing the government's plan to ban most vape flavours.

They warn that without firm action, New Zealand will have a new generation of people addicted to nicotine. Many students mistakenly believe that vapes contain only water and flavouring.

What are your thoughts? Should vaping be banned in schools?

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8 hours ago

What should happen to the old library once the new one is running?

Alice Angeloni Reporter from Marlborough Express

The new library and art gallery will replace the green Liquorland and blue Warehouse Stationery buildings at the end of High St.

What should Council do with the existing library and Millennium Art Gallery sites?

1 day ago

Black and White male cat

Christine from Blenheim

I have a black and white cat hanging around my house who thinks it it making its home here, it is peeing all around my property as in my doorways and the stink is terrible. I am getting rather annoyed with having to wash down my doorways all the time. I will have this animal removed from my property if the owner doesnt do something . It does not appear to be from Shirtliff St and has been seen coming from the alleyway end of the st, and i beleive others have also complained thankyou

12 hours ago

Behind the Scenes Tour of Archives

The Team from Marlborough Museum

Monday 21 October, 1pm.
Archives Manager Megan Ross will be your guide through the rich and fascinating documents held here in Archives at Marlborough Museum. It's a treasure trove of old newspapers, maps, publications and personal papers.
There are photos, diaries and school records. If your family has lived in Blenheim for many years, it's quite likely that your ancestors are mentioned somewhere in our Archives.
RSVP by 4pm Friday 18 October - info@marlboroughmuseum.org.nz. or phone 03-578-1712.
Marlborough Museum Archives, Brayshaw Heritage Park, 26 Arthur Baker Place
This event is part of Summit Marlborough Heritage Festival