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Time to escape your neighbourhood?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Are you overdue a getaway? You could win a 13-day Sir Edmund Hillary Explorer South Island Rail & Coach tour by participating in Neighbourly’s 8th birthday celebration.

To enter the competition, just tell us what you love about your neighbourhood. It could be your favourite spot, a beautiful view, or something that makes you smile. You could be in for a once-in-a-lifetime getaway!
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3 hours ago

Come and experience The MatheMagic on your own

Sonia from Expert Maths Tuition New Lynn

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5 days ago

Bullying …

Markus from Green Bay

I just read the following article:


When I finished primary schooling there were two choices for secondary school, both equally distant. My parents chose one for me, but all the other kids from my school went to the other.

When school started two things became quickly obvious:

• everyone else had come in groups of three to six kids from their primary class
• we had three bullies in the class

The individual groups quickly closed ranks, and the bullies zoomed in on the lone target - me.

Now I hated the bullies - but I ABSOLUTELY DESPISED those just standing by and being relieved that it was someone else getting the abuse.

Which is why I NEVER have and NEVER will just stand by when someone is attacked.

The important lesson:

Bullying isn't the problem of the victim.

It isn't the problem of the bullies either.

It is a FAILURE of the class, school, and parents, of every single person lacking the moral courage to stand up against what is wrong.

People who rather go along with the attacks than stand up against them and risk becoming a target as well.

If you ever wondered how the Nazis could take over Germany - THAT is the very reason.

So my question to every parent: what have you taught your kids about bullying?

1 day ago

What's On: Bee Keeping Workshop

Adrian from Albany Heights

An interactive presentation by an expert Apiarist. This fun and informative workshop is packed with information about these amazing critters and what to plant to grow a bee friendly garden.
Bee Keeping Workshop
  • Kaipara Coast Plant Centre & Sculpture Gardens