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4 days ago

'We are so sad': Parents of missing French teen Eloi Rolland search for answers in NZ

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

French teen Eloi Rolland, who has been missing in Auckland since March 2020, told his family he wanted to bring them to New Zealand.

More than two years after his disappearance, his parents Thierry and Catherine Rolland have finally arrived from France.

They do not know what happened to their son, and they’re desperate for answers.

“We don’t know what’s happened,” Catherine said. “We realise he is perhaps in another place.”

But the couple remain hopeful that Eloi is alive and well and said they would always be there for him.

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11 hours ago

Our EMT students are getting level 5 in Year 9.

Sonia from Expert Maths Tuition New Lynn

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17 hours ago

What is wrong with the messaging system?

Markus from Green Bay

I got a message.
It is shown with a red 1 in the top.
When I click in messages I can see who it is from and the first few words.
It is clearly addresses to me.

But when I click on the message I get “You are not allowed to see this message”.

WHAT??? How idiotic is that?

And as I can’t read the message the red 1 for “unread messages” might stay forever.

Of course I can’t reply either, so the person sending it might even consider me very rude for simply ignoring her.