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3 days ago

Work experience/training

Lois Ruth from Waiatarua

Hi, I'm a new member and hoping this, is an appropriate place, for me to be posting..We have a daughter of 18. Who is interested in career in prosthetics/prop making for film and to a lesser extent special effects makeup. Do any members, have any recommendations. As to where, she can undertake some training or get some experience in these areas. In the Auckland region. She is very hands on and struggles with the written side of things. We look forward to your replies.

6 hours ago

Breville Kitchen Whizz 11

Antonia from Glen Eden
Hoping someone will take it away! PM if you want it, will remove the listing. :)

8 hours ago

On the lookout for ...👀

Fiona from Henderson

Is anyone out there refurbishing their bathroom by any chance and disposing of all the old bathroom decor?
I'm looking for 2 x towel rails about 480-500mm wide please.
They look similar to the pick below, but they don't have to be that fancy. Plain old chrome will do please. Free would be perfect as I don't want brand new ones, they just have to be clean please.