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10 minutes ago

Maths in Daily Life

NumberWorks'nWords New Lynn

Have you heard your child say "Why do I ever need to know this?" Relating maths to real life can help your child understand the why!

8 hours ago

Covid relief payment Q&A

Brian from New Lynn

Q. What is the new payment?
A. It's a temporary payment of $490 a week for someone who loses a fulltime job of 30 hours a week or more due to Covid-19, or $250 for someone who was in a part-time job working 15 to 29 hours a week.
It will be available for 12 weeks to anyone who loses a job between March 1 and October 30, with the first payments available from June 8.
Q. Who can get it?
A. NZ citizens or permanent residents who don't get more than $30,000 in redundancy pay, didn't have income protection insurance and don't have a partner earning at least $2000 a week.
Q. What are the obligations?
A. Recipients must:
• Be available for, and actively seeking, suitable work;
• Take appropriate steps towards gaining new employment;
• Engage with suitable work programmes and courses and identify and take opportunities for employment, redeployment and training.
Q. What will it cost?
A. $1.2 billion gross, or $570 million net after deducting what people would have received on normal benefits.
Q. How do you apply?
A. Apply online on the Work and Income website from June 8.

16 hours ago

The perfect time for repairs has gone🕳🚧🚦

Fiona from Henderson

I've mentioned this on here previously about how appalling our roads are, all over Auckland.
What I can't understand is why on earth DIDN'T the Auckland Transport get all of their workers out in Level 4, but preferably level 3 and do all of the repairs that are so desperately needed?
The roads are an essential requirement, and during the higher levels of lockdown would've been a perfect time to do all of the repairs.
However, this opportunity was lost and they won't get this opportunity again.
Instead, we are now dealing with all those damn cones all over the place, various pot holes, corrugations over so many roads, the seal worn out on so many - the list just goes on & on.
They will probably say that it was a money issue. That excuse doesn't fly as they are currently running around like blow flies fixing this and that all around the place now, and all the while causing so many traffic disruptions.
There are even the contractors who repaint the road marking do those now.
So, why on earth wasn't this all done in the one & only time they will get while it was so quiet on the roads?
The perfect weather has gone along with the opportunity as well as the perfectly empty roads.