112 days ago

Poll: Should landlords supply heating?

Denise Piper Reporter from Western Leader

A community advocate says Healthy Homes heating standards can't come in soon enough after the Tenancy Tribunal ruled landlords only have to provide a power point to meet heating requirements in the north. What do you think - should landlords supply heating, even when it is not legally required?

Should landlords supply heating?
  • 36.6% Yes - supplying a heater is the least a landlord can do
    36.6% Complete
  • 61% No - tenants should pay for their own heaters
    61% Complete
  • 2.4% Other (please explain in comments below)
    2.4% Complete
82 votes
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1 day ago

Name and Shame....then fine $$$$.

David from Glen Eden

Obey just a few simple rules and we'd be fairly safe. As it is just one or two selfish people with either little intelligence and/or no respect for anyone go spreading the bug. They have no excuse and we should not be protecting their names with numbers. Anyone who deliberately ignores the simple rules should be named and shamed AND fined. Heavy fines were applied in Taiwan for just not wearing a mask. If self discipline is lacking it should be enforced. We are too darned soft. We are now in danger of going to lock down 4 and even becoming a little America and just because of a few who couldn't care.

11 hours ago

What's On: Alberton Market Day!

Rendell from Mount Albert

A quaint outdoor market in the heritage garden. Featuring produce, crafts, food, plants and flowers with live music, kids activities and a pop-up tearoom! Free entry. 10am-2pm
Alberton Market Day!
  • Alberton
3 days ago

Who needs a plant doctor?

Mikaela Wilkes Reporter from Homed

UPDATE: Thank you for all your questions. We're picking the best to send off to the houseplant doctor from Kings Plant Barn and the answers will be published in an article on Homed soon.

Are your houseplants looking worse for wear? The experts at Kings Plant Barn would love to help. Send us your houseplant questions and problems to homed@stuff.co.nz, or leave them in the comments, for the houseplant doctor to diagnose. Pictures are encouraged.