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Cryptocurrency - Partner Wanted! Anyone interested in Investing in Coins?

Harry from Royal Oak

I am looking for someone who would like to do Cryptocurrency Investing with me.

I am a Professional Accountant / Businessman who is looking at learning the new future in investing, Bitcoin, Etherium and Alt Coins.

I am new to this type of investing and would like to team up with someone who is also interested in this type of investing and learning together. Two great minds is much better than one.

We could explore and exchange ideas, determine what coins to trade and when. The market is extremely hot right now and there is lots of upside in this type of investing.

If you already have lots of experience and knowledge in this area, you are also interested joining forces and you would benefit in having a partner, I would definitely like to see if we could work together on this, make our investments significantly grow and who knows about the future.

We could even possibly build this into a full time thing, or maybe even a business. I have heard many interesting success stories on this and it is definitely working for some people. Eg, earning 2.5 months salary in just one week.

I am looking for someone who is serious, professional who also would like to invest in cryptocurrencies with me and has enough time now during the week days (a few hours per day or longer) to work together on this exciting project. To be very clear, I am not looking for any of your money or anyone else’s money. I only want to find someone who has a similar interest in this and wanting to learn and support each other.

If you are interested in my Crypto idea above and you would like to meet up for a coffee and discuss this further, please contact me now by first telling me a bit about yourself, your experience with Crypto and interest.

Please contact Harry on:
Mobile - 0274 88 0274
Email - aucklandstays@gmail.com

Let’s begin our Crypto journey together and have some fun!

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Clean and empty all recycling items

The Team from Auckland Council

Learn what to do with your recycling before you place it in your recycling bin. All items to be recycled need to be clean and empty. Always remember when recycling if in doubt, leave it out.


3 hours ago

New Look

Shamus O'Donnell from No Shock Electrical

You're going to start seeing a few changes with the No Shock Electrical brand. We've been working hard behind the scenes and excited to be taking things to a new level!
After over 11 years of looking after the wider Auckland region when it comes to residential and commercial electrical projects, it's fair to say we've been around for a while and do a great job! We might have a new look and feel, but we're still the same trusted team delivering you excellent service.
We love our new brand and believe it's an energized change that will propel us into the years ahead. We are dedicated to our customers and strive to build a lasting relationship by exceeding their expectations through exceptional performance by every team member. We know this change will better reflect and align with that. We hope you like it too!

#NoShockElectrical #Rebrand

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See our latest addition to the mattress range

Beds 4 U - Onehunga

We strongly believe that one of life’s greatest pleasures is a restful, luxurious and comfortable night’s sleep.
Introducing Spinalrest - currently on promotion and available only for a limited time, this mattress features Orthocool Gel Memory Foam, Purolax Latex, Comfort layers of High Density Foam and Tencel fabric for longetivity and durability.

Made in NZ with a 10 year warranty, you are bound to sleep well for the years to come!