29 days ago

Colouring isn't just for kids! 🖍

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Mindful colouring has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and induce a meditative-like state in adults too.

Help scribble your worries away with this free community-inspired colouring sheet to give your brain a creative boost.


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12 minutes ago

What's On: Matakana Hall Market

Lynda from Manly

Another beautiful selection of local craft, Vintage collectibles etc. Designer clothing, produce and plants. Come along to see something unique and different. All enquires welcome. ph 0272522194.
Matakana Hall Market
  • Matakana Hall
22 minutes ago

When bags move like ballerinas

The Team from Auckland Museum

Ballerinas twist, turn and move so gracefully that they often seem other-worldly, but would you ever compare a ballerina to a bag?

In our Carried Away: Bags Unpacked exhibition, artist Isaac Katzoff’s glass bag got itself a nickname of just that: the ballerina. The nickname was given after the bag hinted at graceful movement while it was under the spotlight in the photography studio - it's inner performer was at the ready.

Although the Museum holds many objet d’art (art objects), the beautiful photography and images of the collection are themselves works of art, as this image of Katzoff's bag here is. Museum photographers work behind the scenes to create images of objects that act as both documentation and art.

As Artweek Auckland comes to a close this weekend, we wanted to showcase just one of many of the wonderful objet d'art from within our Applied Arts & Design collection.

Come and see 'the ballerina' for yourself, alongside many other wonderful works of art at Carried Away: Bags Unpacked, on now and free with Museum entry.

42 minutes ago

Hands on ecology

Kowhai Makau from Kaipātiki Project Environment Centre

Hands on Ecology FREE course consists of three-hour classes once a week for nine weeks. Classes take place mainly in the forest as students are introduced to different aspects of New Zealand’s unique ecology.
From stream care to plant identification Hands on Ecology is of interest to those who are wanting to learn about our distinctive land. We take all comers from new migrants to conservation professionals and love sharing our appreciation of nature with all.

Hands on Ecology will upskill those working on restoration projects, pest management and plant nursery work.

This is our regular and a very popular course that inspired many participants to expand their home gardens, change the way they live and even share their acquired knowledge with their local community.

As part of this course, we can support your enrolment and learn towards a FREE Horticulture Level 3 Certification through Open Polytechnic, in this scenario you must attend each class, otherwise pick available dates in the registration form.