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Brighten your walls with this creative project

The Team from Resene ColorShop Onehunga

Put your own spin on a current wall art trend by painting designs on woven plates!

Make the most of this weekend with this easy project idea from Resene. Find out how to create this quick and easy project yourself

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3 hours ago

Pioneering retirement for a trailblazing generation

Ryman Healthcare Limited

There is a new generation of New Zealander, seeking a new way to live in retirement. They are living their lives with passion and purpose, striving to push further, to create better, to go beyond the ordinary.

A new generation of Kiwis are not retiring from life; they’re finding a new way to live. One with flexibility, certainty, and the ability to dial care up and down as you need it.
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Ballot for out-of-zone enrolments for 2021 Yr 2

Balmoral School

A small number of places have become available to out-of-zone students in Year 2 for enrolment in 2021. Birthdate must be between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015.

The closing date for out of zone applications is Wednesday 14th October.

If more applications are received than places available, a ballot will be held on or before 21st October 2020.

To apply please head to our website.
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4 days ago

Be our next face!

Muneeb from Social Driving Academy

Kia Ora everyone!

We are currently updating our website and are seeking a couple of aspiring models to be our next faces for imagery on our website!

In exchange for a about an hour of your time, we will gift you a gift card for a two-hour driving lesson that you can use to either get you started with driving or to help you towards a driving test!

If you are interested, please comment below! Winners will be announced when Auckland's level 2.5 restrictions are lifted.

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