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Suspicious activity - Carter Road, Oratia

Sue Dell from Waiatarua Community Patrol

Hi folks
Please be aware that there has been some suspicious activities reported around the Carter Road area in Oratia this week - a home burglary on the 5th of March and an unusual occurrence today (where a man approached and stopped a woman driving in her car on the road around the 130's - asking for money for cigarettes).
Although this second incident may turn out to be harmless and unrelated, it was disturbing to the woman involved and very unexpected (and potentially unsafe to the man and motorists) on this windy, narrow road. He is described as disheveled, in his late 40's/early 50's, with shoulder length brown hair. Wearing shorts and a long sleeve top (possibly green).
As always, be vigilant about your home and personal safety and if you have any information please message us (or contact the Police).
Thank you
Waiatarua/Oratia/Henderson Valley Community Patrol

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Poll: Do you think scanning should be compulsory at bars and nightclubs?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Hi Auckland neighbours,

A leading coronavirus expert is urging the Government to make scanning mandatory at such potential "super-spreader" venues as bars and nightclubs.

The pleas follow figures revealing daily use of the Covid Tracer app has plummeted to a fifth of its peak.

Last Monday, a total of 515,759 scans were recorded nationwide, down from the high of 2.5 million on September 4.

Epidemiologist Dr Michael Baker said the next six months would be a “very dangerous” time for the country with a high risk of an outbreak while waiting for the vaccine roll-out in April.

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Do you think scanning should be compulsory at bars and nightclubs?
  • 86.5% Yes
    86.5% Complete
  • 10.8% No
    10.8% Complete
  • 2.7% Undecided- it's too complex
    2.7% Complete
886 votes
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Seed Sharing for Neighbours Day!

The Team from Neighbours Day Aotearoa

We love how creative some people are with their plant giving! This is for goodie bags for a 7 year olds party but we reckon you could borrow this wonderful idea for the Neighbours Day Aotearoa Great Plant Swap!
What a lovely gift to get and it's not just kids who love sunflowers.

ADDED BONUS: if you give your neighbours sunflower seeds you would get to enjoy their beautiful flowers too!

Have you signed up for Neighbours Day 2021 yet? There's lots of ways you can join in...check out our website to register today:

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Dessert of the day - Swiss Meringue drops

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

Swiss Meringue drops made with Italian meringue two ways - Classic & Beetroot infused presented on a shortbread crust with tempered chocolate drizzling down each meringue, delicioussssss!