73 days ago

Bus services 295 Mid Town to Ellerslie and Vice Versa

Sean from Onehunga

Is there anyone that experience difficulty of connecting bus services 295 waiting at stop in Athens Road and Hoheria Ave, Onehunga, both in bound to Ellersllie and outbound to Mid Town.
Recently, I have been waiting for the above services at bus stop 8396 in Athens Road. There was no bus coming to service this stop although from late June onwards, the stop has been officially declared effective.I rung up Auckland Transport and it took a while for them to find out the stop is active. Then they rung NZ bus and NZ bus told them they couldn't track down the bus whether the bus has really serviced this recently amended route.
On Friday I caught this bus coming back to Onehunga. To my astonish, the driver took a right turn into Namata from Tawa Rd where he was supposed to turn right to Moana from Tawa and from Moana Ave and left into Athens Rd, ie. following the old route of 312 services. I notified the driver and he kept ignoring me when he turned into Namata.
It has appeared to me that there is a communication breakdown between NZ bus and it's drivers. I sincerely hope this issue would be promptly resulted as there are lots of elderly and passengers with disabilities catching bus at the vicinity of Hoheria Ave and Athens Road on both side using services 295.

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1 day ago

Who will Goff pick as his "cabinet" ?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Phil Goff arrived back to work to an emptied office on Monday, to start work on his second term as mayor. He has to choose who will be his key lieutenants - the chairs of the main committees. Do you think he should also put councillors back on the board of Auckland Transport? See the story below:

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2 days ago

What's your message to the newly elected Auckland councillors?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, As Phil Goff is elected as Auckland mayor for a second three year term, a North Shore couple have a message for the incoming councillors and local board: invest in infrastructure over cutting rates. What issues would you like to see the council take action on this term in your community? Please write NFP if you don't want your comment used in stories.

4 hours ago

What's On: Rent Smart Workshops - Panama

Wesley from Mount Roskill

Rent Smart is an education programme providing practical tools and skills to assist in knowledge about renting. To register please contact - Jo Flavell 021 0827 3198 or jo@rakautautoko.com
Rent Smart Workshops - Panama
  • Riverside Community Centre