27 days ago

Come on people, lets get together and stop the private sale and abuse of fireworks.

Bita from One Tree Hill

“Wellington Zoo is calling for an end to private fireworks after a spooked animal died on Guy Fawkes night.

The male Nyala - a type of antelope native to southern Africa - was found dead at the Zoo on Wednesday morning.

General manager of animal care and science Daniel Warsaw said they believe the Nyala got spooked from fireworks and ran into a fence.

“”What we've found on the post-mortem was that his death was caused by high levels of stress."


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1 hour ago

Help Hugo Recover from the East Tamaki Storage Unit Fire

Priya from Ellerslie

Hi everyone.

A dear friend, Hugo Gravelle, lost over 20K worth of belongings in the East Tamaki Safe Store fire on the 18th of November.

Hugo primarily used the space to safely store and play his prized drum kit, as well as other possessions. Hugo is a very talented and passionate drummer, who started playing in his early teens as a therapy for autism and ADHD. Losing the one thing that meant the most to him in this world, has been absolutely devastating for him.

Unfortunately none of the items lost in the fire were covered by insurance.

As Hugo will be starting from scratch to replace his belongings, any assistance will be greatly appreciated, in the form of donations, or sharing the Givealittle page I have created for him:

Givealittle page:





Kind regards,

Priya Alexander

1 hour ago

NZ Bus Industrial Action from 7 December

Communications Team from Auckland Transport

Due to industrial action all services operated by NZ Bus will be cancelled from Saturday 7 December.

We understand that this will be frustrating for our customers and apologise for the inconvenience.

2 hours ago

Will you miss using Lime and Wave e-scooters?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, as you've probably heard and noticed, Lime and Wave e-scooters must be off the streets today. However, Flamingo is still operating its rental e-scooters in the central suburbs. Here's some more information about where you can find them. Do you still use e-scooters? Are you missing Limes and Waves? Tell us in the comments.