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Govt mandates vaccines for staff at any business where vaccine passports are required for entry

Brian from New Lynn

Employees in workplaces that will require a vaccine certificate for customers to enter under the new traffic light Covid system will also need to be vaccinated". If customers must be vaccinated, then so too must the workers," Ardern said. "We want customers safe, and workers safe too." Ardern said businesses wanted a clear legal framework on the issues of vaccines and mandates. "Vaccinations will be mandated for everyone who works in any workplace where a vaccine certificate is required for entry," she said. "With the new traffic light system, businesses we previously treated as high risk like hospitality hairdressers and gyms can operate at all levels if they ask customers for a vaccine certificate." This new framework will kick in once DHBs reach 90 per cent fully vaccinated population, Auckland can move into the system once its three DHBs reach 90 per cent. The requirement of a vaccine certificate would be optional for many locations and won't apply to some essential services, however it will be required in some settings such as large scale events. The Associate Health Minister says the money will help fast-track Covid-19 vaccination efforts and prepare Māori communities for the new protection framework. Health, disability and education workers are already mandated to be vaccinated and are required to have received their first dose of the Covid vaccine by November 15 and be fully vaccinated by January 1, 2022. "Prison facilities are also included and the first deadline for those workers is November 6," Hipkins said on Saturday. "The order applies to prison staff, health care staff working in prisons, psychologists (working in prisons), and many of the people contracted to provide services to prisons." The sectors join MIQ, border and port workers who must be vaccinated. The Government is also introducing a new risk assessment process to help employers decide if they can require vaccination for different types of work. Workplace Relations Minister Michael Wood said it would give businesses simplified legal framework to help them make decisions about requiring staff to be vaccinated or not. “We know that these changes raise questions around what happens when mandated employees refuse to get vaccinated," Wood said. "To provide clarity, a new four-week notice period will apply if their employment is terminated if they choose not to be vaccinated and their work requires it." He said the law change would mean a person who do not have a notice period, or whose notice periods are shorter than four weeks, would get a minimum of four weeks' paid notice.
Source----ONE NEWS

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New Nordic Cuisine

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

New Nordic Cuisine had redefined the food culture of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.
Our own Chef Finn is from Denmark and spent his formative years working in Michelin star rated restaurants including working as Sous Chef for legendary Noma chef, Rene Redzepi.

This menu is inspired by Chef Finn’s Nordic heritage.
"We work with local high quality ingredients to combine good taste in food with contemporary culinary techniques,” says Chef Finn.

Here are some photos of the dishes our Diploma students prepared and served.
1. Tartare of Trevalli on Rye bread with pickled beetroot, sorrel and brown butter siphon.
2. Salmon served with a compote of tomatoes, oil of chervil and crispy onion rings.
3. Pigeon Bay Lamb rump, sous vide with buttermilk foam & beef jus.
4. Salad of raw cabbage, kale with mushroom and pickled red onion dressing
5. Terrine of pork served with Granny Smith apple puree & leek, mustard vinaigrette & tarragon.
6. Guests seated with Franck

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FREE for Restaurant

udaya from New Lynn

Re-open your restaurant with a contactless QR code menu. It's the safest and most efficient way of operating during the COVID-19 pandemic.
You can create your own menu with a self-design QR Code with the help of this QR code digital menu builder, Customers can scan the QR code and check the menu on their phones. QR code menu reduces staff by 30%, eliminates menu sharing between customers, saves money on printing, increases orders by 30% with online ordering, updates the menu easily and frequently.

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TAME Rabbit - (family member tame) FREE

Julie from Glen Eden

Our neighbourhood white rabbit was killed the other day (thinking - by a dog) and left behind a smaller, younger companion. After watching it nudging the bigger rabbit to wake it and then laying beside it, on the road, we picked it up and took it home.

To our surprise, it's extremely tame, friendly and HEAPS of fun.

We cant keep it because our dog wants to hunt it.

We're hoping for a loving home with adults/children willing to spend time with it. It's playful, clean and not a fussy eater. It likes weeds, bread and vegetables.

Btw, we have wood fence panels and nails, if you need.