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Did you think you needed a coronavirus test?

Denise Piper Reporter from Western Leader

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is angry a confusing message over the weekend appeared to tell everyone in West or South Auckland to get a Covid-19 test, when only those in contact with the current cluster or at high-risk needs one. One woman queued at Massey for 90 minutes before discovering she did not need a test. Did you see the message, and did you think you needed a test?

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21 hours ago

Poll: Are you planning to open your door to trick-or-treaters this Saturday night?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

As Halloween edges closer, some Auckland streets are going all out to decorate their homes and stock up on sugary treats.

Others will be banning trick-or-treaters this Saturday night in post-pandemic New Zealand.

Are you planning to open your door to trick-or-treaters this Saturday night?
  • 24.8% Yes
    24.8% Complete
  • 75.2% No
    75.2% Complete
412 votes
16 minutes ago

Police puppy named: Auckland

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Police asked and you responded.

Members of the public have helped to christen Auckland Police's new puppy Etu.

Police appealed to the public last week for suggestions for a name starting with E for their latest canine recruit.

People were quick to come up with names.

Echo, Ernie, Eddie and Ezra were top contenders but officers were taken with the name Etu.

1 day ago

McDonald's to give away 1 million free chicken nuggets tomorrow

Brian from New Lynn

It's often a Kiwi favourite, and now you can get your hands on some for free.
Tomorrow McDonald's
will be giving away one million free chicken nuggets to Kiwis for just one day only.
McDonald's is committing to the promise that was delayed during Covid-19 lockdown health and safety requirements in August.
Nugget lovers can get their hands on a free six-pack only if they download the McDonald's app and redeem the digital voucher in store or in the drive-thru.
McDonald's confirmed you don't need to purchase any other items to redeem the free six-pack.
The free nuggets, which first featured in New Zealand McDonald's in 1985, will be available tomorrow
at 9am until they run out.
McDonald's Managing Director Dave Howse says they wanted to give back to Kiwis are 35 years of them supporting the sale of chicken nuggets.
"It became clear during lockdown that Chicken McNuggets are a firm favourite so we decided to shout Kiwis a six-pack and celebrate 35 years of love for them.
"We're proud of our long-standing supplier relationships, and to offer Kiwis Chicken McNuggets raised in our own backyard."
More than 140 million Chicken McNuggets were consumed by Kiwis in 2019.
McDonald's annual chicken order equates to just over 3.75 million tonnes, all of which is reared by 30 farmers based in the Waikato region.
The nuggets are made with 100 per cent New Zealand chicken breast.
Chicken McNuggets are available in four shapes – the bone, the bell, the boot and the ball.
Some nuggets about McNuggets:
• Chicken McNuggets were first offered on New Zealand menus in 1985
• Chicken McNuggets are available in four shapes – the bone, the bell, the boot and the ball
• Rene Arend, McDonald's first executive chef, created the Chicken McNugget recipe in 1979
• In America, Chicken McNugget dipping sauce is available in seven varieties, including the Sweet 'n Sour and BBQ options available in New Zealand
• Szechuan Sauce is McDonald's most sought-after limited edition dipping sauce. Released in New Zealand earlier in 2020, the sauce ran out in some restaurants within hours.