50 days ago

Council makes it easier for Aucklanders to collect rainwater

The Team from Auckland Council

In response to the severe water shortages, we are encouraging Aucklanders to install rainwater tanks at home by scrapping resource consent fees.

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1 day ago

Respectable comment?

David from Glen Eden

Some of the comments we read are beyond belief. When I read acid remarks about the PM and comparisons of our government with communism and Honk Kong, when I read accusations the government manipulated covid records for political gain, when I read that the PM is using covid-19 infections for political electioneering, I really do wonder what degenerate morally depleted people are making such comment. Is that really the character of the opposition? I don't think so. Such comment clearly intended to denigrate the Labour party is not helpful. The puerile nature of these uneducated remarks actually has the opposite effect to that intended. Thinking educated decent people, our majority, will be avoiding any support for the ilk that can only offer such pathetic abuse.
I have every respect for the political views of others and fully accept our democratic process even if imperfect. I have no respect at all for the sad people making depraved comments to which I refer.
I note too that I have been banned for far less!!
Irrespective of race, colour, creed or political belief, even the depraved, let's be clear about covid-19.
Our best chance right now of escaping the worst of this covid-19 pandemic is to follow the rules outlined by this government. It is indisputable that we have, to date, achieved a world best avoidance of the virus. It is not a political issue, it is more important than any politics. Any economic recovery is dependant on beating this virus.

4 days ago

What an admission!

David from Glen Eden

The one and only argument in support of legalising cannabis is because we aren't capable of enforcing the law that forbids it. And of course when laws cannot be enforced or respected the law falls into ill repute. It is indisputable however that cannabis is far from harmless. Please don't confuse with the irrelevant puerile alcohol comparison. We're talking about cannabis. I will be very surprised if the intelligent public majority will vote to legalise cannabis as a recreational drug. Since we are too soft to enforce the law in the interests of health and social decency I guess we will have to live with our personal differences and put up with the damage. The first report of a smoking Englishman is of a sailor in Bristol in 1556, seen emitting smoke from his nostrils. It has taken since then to accept that it's a killer. I guess learning does take time but here we are applying much effort to ban smoking tobacco whilst asking a silly question about cannabis which is just as bad. Whilst I have much to say, please explain the sense, the usefulness, the intelligence behind vaping? What on earth is the driving force behind that lunacy.

18 minutes ago

Installing a lock on door

Monique from New Windsor

Hi does anyone know how to fix a simple lock on my bedroom door urgently. My 12 year is suffering from mental issues and of high risk to herself. I was told today to hide everything that she could use to harm herself so instead of hiding things here and there I think it would be safer to put it on a room and lock it. Im running out of time coz I have to go back to work and my elderly mum won't be able to watch her constantly. Please if someone can do that asap and I will pay for the service. Many thanks.