53 days ago

Homes to let in Glendene

Trevor from Glendene

Need quiet reliable non-smoking tenants for two properties in Glendene.
One is a 3 bedroom flat. The other is a single bedroom furnished apartment. Both are quiet and safe, close to transport stops, and have off-street parking spaces. The 3 bedroom is $400 per week (plus $50 for power, water, and internet. The single bed apartment is $300 per week (+ $50 for p, w. + I)
Phone 818 9723 or 022679 3126.

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1 day ago

Food prices …

Markus from Blockhouse Bay

Food prices in New Zealand come as a shock to anyone coming from overseas. What gets me is that I can buy New Zealand Apples, Kiwis, Avocados for less in Germany than I have to pay here.

When the lockdown started the supermarkets here stopped their specials so as "not to encourage more panic buying". I'm pretty sure most people had the same thought: "Yeah, pull the other one …".

But given the difficult situation that most people find themselves in - why can't supermarkets simply reduce the price on essential items? Why not reduce the price on bread, milk, fruit, veges by 20%?

Maybe then I would have more respect for those running the NZ supermarket cartel claiming that they care …

7 days ago

Buying beer

Maria from Kelston

While i am in the mood to do a rant tonight, yes i enjoy a beer. Went to the Waitakere Trust today and roughly 60 people in line outside the shops. Bloody crazy. Time to allow it in supermarkets.People having to line up for an hour or more to get their favourite tipple, bloody stupid and yes i drove straight out,there was no carparks anyway .How many are going to drive out of area to buy what should be accessible to us.

6 hours ago

How your household is part of Covid-19s economic hit

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Everyone is being hit by the Level 4 lockdown, necessary to curb the spread of Coronvirus. For a simple look at how the economy is affected, I looked into our bubble's wallets. How is your household affected? Read the story below :