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1 day ago

Able Bodied persons parking in the disabled parking spots

Sue from New Lynn

I am going to talk about a matter that I posted on Neighbourly some years ago but this time I will hold back on referring to the skin colour of the people involved.

Earlier today I went to the local liqour outlet for a bottle of wine.

Whilst there a ute turned up and parked at a funny angle in the Disabled Parking area.

Another member of the public was angry at this and accosted the people who had popped into the local liqour for booze.

What the offending people did was pure ignorance and nastiness. They started yelling that we were racist and wouldn't pick on anyone of a different skin colour.

I had gone to the defense of the member of the public and said to the people "Actually he is right and you are wrong. You should not park in the disabled parking area". I spoke quietly and calmly.

They turned on me and the woman became all aggresive. I ended up shaking and I said that I am in my late 50s and could have needed that parking area due to a disability. They did not have a disabled parking sticker and their behaviour showed to me how lazy they were when it came to respecting others eg the disabled.

They carried on yelling the F word frequently to the point where I thought the F word is probably the ONLY word they can speak because they think it sounds all smart and intelligent.

I cannot stand hearing anyone use the F Word because it shows a low intelligence and a lack of proper vocabulary.

Fortunately when it looked like the aggressive woman who claimed we were being racist seemed to be looking like she would attack me one of the local homeless guys came along and told the people to "F off". He has known me a long time as I am always friendly towards him and give him food and sometimes money.

I told him that all that, what happened, had me shaking all over.

Out of all this there is one thing that really angers me and it's the incredible laziness of so many able-bodied people that park in the disabled parking areas. But when a person or persons react aggressively because they are in the wrong by abusing and calling others racist then that really does bother me.

I just remembered one more 'gesture' the woman who became very aggressive did and that was she went up to the guy complaining and presented a finger that one can assume is the Up Yours gesture.

 And so all that i.e the frequency of the F word(please be aware I do use that word myself but it's 99% directed at the traffic congestion of Auckland)and her hand gestures shows to me the lack of intelligence of the offender and her colleagues(all of whom were also behaving irrationally aggressively perhaps because they knew they were in the wrong but wanted to be right).

A disabled person must be able to park in a disabled parking area with the relevant sticker appearing on the windscreen area. Not have to contend with lazy able bodied people who think they are more worthy of the spot than a disabled person.

4 hours ago

Sewing Classes at Sew Much Fun

Jacinta from Blockhouse Bay

Classes for this year are starting on the 1st of Feb 2020. If you are interested in learning how to sew, please see the attached Flyer and book your spot in the class soon.

4 hours ago

BBQ and Beats at the Base, featuring Walter Hacon

Wendy from The Base Licensed Cafe

We have an amazing guest artist, WALTER HACON, this Saturday at
7 pm at the Base Cafe, with an admirable international career... his bio is really worth a read!
The event starts at 4 pm with musicians Jake Morris and James Fromont.
WALTER HACON has been writing and playing music since the early seventies, his roots firmly based in the Blues Rock traditions of that time, with the likes of "Free" "Jethro Tull", "Brinzley Swartze" "Duxe Deluxe" "Kilburn and the High Roads" "Doctor Feelgood" etc. During the early part of this decade he cut his teeth with bands such as "Skyscraper" and the "Speedometers" and in 1976 signed with Island Records band "The Automatics" who's first album was produced and recorded by Steve Lillywhite, at Island Records' small basement studio at 22 St. Peters Square Chiswick, along with the likes of "Burning Spear" and "Bob Marley."
Walter went on to work with STIFF RECORDS, Artist" WRECKLESS ERIC" and did two tours of the USA, and several extensive tours of Europe, playing club and stadium venues.

It was during this period that one of Walter's songs " Broken Doll" was spotted by Wreckless Eric, recorded and included in on his album "Big Smash" of 1980.

This was in turn recorded by "Cliff Richard", for his "Wired for Sound album, of the same year, leading to a deal with Zomba Music, and several covers of Walter's songs followed.....Nigel Dixon's, "Thunder Bird" Angela Rippon's "Viva Rock n Roll"

Rocky Terraine and the Valiants' "Big Rock County Mountain Breakdown"

Walter returned to the U.K, and put together a rehearsal room/studio in Jeddo Road, Shepherds Bush, just above "Wembley Loud Speakers"and this was a great success, working with the likes of "Ruthless Blues", a killer London based Blues Band, and "EEEK a Mouse" who, contrary to his rather meek nick name, was a seven foot tall Jamaican,who had a great band, and "cooked", to use a descriptive term of that period.

During this period, Walter also co wrote and produced the Musical "Charlie" based on the life of "Charlie Chaplin" with his playwright mother, Josephine Hacon, which was performed at the "New End Theatre" Hampstead, and the " Donmar Warehouse" in Soho,and received encouraging reviews through the summer of 1981,from critics such as "Baz Bazmagoine" of the British Press.

In 1984 Walter started a band called " Playhouse" featuring songs from his current songwriting catalog of the time.

Walter opened a Commercial Recording studio and Publishing company in Acton, West London, in the mid 80's with Rick Rocket of the Automatics/Sham 69/ Bootleg Beatles etc.and apart from recording their own material they produced and recorded many budget to mid price albums for recording artists such as, "Big Audio Dynamite" "cat scratch fever" "Annabelle Lamb" etc. and went on to get a good reputation in the industry.

Walter moved to Auckland, New Zealand, in 1998 and continues to live here, although he still spends time in the UK, playing gigs and recording in both hemispheres.