248 days ago

Three more community organisations have reached their Million Dollar Mission targets!

The Team from The Trusts

A great weekend of voting in The Trusts Million Dollar Mission!
Congratulations to the following community organisations who reached their funding targets:

French Bay Yacht Club​ - $14,905
Save Cornwallis Old Wharf - $11,855
Netball Waitakere - $18,505

There is still lots of funding available for community organisations doing some fantastic work in West Auckland. Vote every day at www.milliondollarmission.co.nz...

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6 days ago

The Trusts - in West Auckland forever

Tracie from Te Atatu South

Lets face it, much has been said here on Neighbourly over the last couple of years about the Trusts continued control over West Auckland, some of us against and some in support. We understand how they came to power but how they managed to maintain that power over the years without challenge is undemocratic and totally Mickey-Mouse. It seems there will not be a vote/referendum/survey.......nothing! It's too hard, even the supermarkets have given up trying. The Trusts will just do another million dollar giveaway anytime they are threatened. Is this ok though? Are West Auckland folk happy to go along with this deceptive style of doing business?

1 day ago

I saw something very sad and distressing today. =(

Sharon from Te Atatu South

Saw a damaged foam mattress with chunks taken out of it, and a
crumpled duvet and a log lying beside it, not yet burned, when on my
way to WINZ today. This was on the bit of lawn under WINZ's side of
the bridge over the creek between West Wave and WINZ. I rang
VisionWest and told them about it, and that I'd been told by cops I
notified about it that there are lots of homeless people living under
the bridge, and that WINZ security guards had told me to "tell the
police, as it's nothing to do with us". Very disappointing. But Sonya
from VisionWest will get one of her colleagues to make some enquiries
to see if anybody checks up on the homeless people living under the
bridge in Henderson.

I know this isn't North Korea (link below), where the MAJORITY of
people live in slums (!) but it's still nevertheless distressing to
see a mattress and a duvet lying outside on the grass beside a bridge
- even though I've been TOLD there are homeless people in Henderson, I
STILL feel distressed when I see evidence of where they are forced to
sleep. =(


5 hours ago

Stuff Fibre named Best Fibre Broadband Provider

Stuff Fibre

Hi everyone, Sam here from Stuff Fibre. We're thrilled to share the news that we were named NZ's Best Fibre Broadband provider at the recent Broadband Compare Awards.

We feel honoured to be recognised for our work on creating a faster, simpler way for Kiwis to enjoy fibre broadband. We love fibre and getting Kiwis connected up, so talk to us about fibre soon - and check out our awesome offer.

Cheers, Sam Morse.
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