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Local Community

Saul Stevens from Zomer Cafe

Zomer Cafe is owned and operated by Takapuna locals, based at 4 The Strand, Takapuna.

A little known fact about Zomer, we give 70% of our profits back to our staff in the form of a bonus! Zomer was set up as a business run by its staff, for its staff.

So if you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or just a great coffee, drop in and say hello to our wonderful team and know that you’re helping to boost the local community and economy.

We’re also available to be hired out for functions, plus our menu is hyper seasonal so we change it up every 4 weeks using only local produce 😊

We are big supporters of local community organisations, so if you're having a fundraising event please let us know!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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Humanely dealing with pests this winter.

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

Have you ever had a pest problem? I used to have a pet rat. They are smart, affectionate, clever little things. I'd never want to cause one unnecessary pain or suffering, which is why we've chosen to manage pests in our home with traps. It's not ideal, but it's better - and safer - than poison. I've done a little research on humane, effective vermin control during the wet months, when they like to come in from the cold. Take a look:

11 hours ago

Poll: Is the Government doing enough to stop recyclable materials going to landfill?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

The Government has thrown $124 million at reducing the country’s growing waste pile, but not everyone agrees that’s enough.

Local Government NZ says the funding should be matched with a “strategic waste plan”, with the goal for New Zealand to be able to process its own waste onshore.

In the last decade, the amount of waste at council landfills has increased by 48 per cent.

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Is the Government doing enough to stop recyclable materials going to landfill?
  • 17.4% Yes, more money and time is better spent elsewhere
    17.4% Complete
  • 82.6% No, NZ's waste and recycling system needs more focus
    82.6% Complete
638 votes
1 day ago

Goff confirms proposed 3.5 rates rise and 500+ job cuts

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, The likely shape of Auckland Council's Emergency Budget is clearer with the mayor releasing his proposal for Thursday's final debate. Has he got it right ? Read the story below.