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New Lynn school students named: Fred Hollows Humanity Awards

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Zoey Wood and Amelia Bettany Barr have been crowned finalists in the Fred Hollows Humanity Awards.

The Arahoe School learners are among 10 finalists from around the country chosen for their efforts to improve the world around them.

The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ aims to thwart avoidable blindness in the Pacific and to give people permanent access to quality eye care.

Arahoe School teacher Amanda Kemp nominated Zoey, 10 for the awards.

Zoey was diagnosed with cataracts in 2019 and only had sight in one eye for a year.

"She possesses the most outstanding attitude towards her school life, is a leader amongst her friends and her can-do attitude has not slowed her down,' Kemp said.

In July, the Titirangi youngster had her cataracts removed "and this has not impacted her attitude towards all she does any differently."

Amelia, from Glen Eden, was nominated by her teacher, Bridget Dymock-Johnson.

Amelia,11 showed great initiative and spent time researching the Fred Hollows Foundation NZ before delivering her speech in front of the class.

"Amelia is kind and helpful.

"When someone doesn't have a group she invites them to join her," Dymock-Johnson said.

"Her words towards others are always kind."

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We love how creative some people are with their plant giving! This is for goodie bags for a 7 year olds party but we reckon you could borrow this wonderful idea for the Neighbours Day Aotearoa Great Plant Swap!
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