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Vintage Market DOUBLE WHAMMY!! This Sunday 18 October.

Rendell McIntosh from Alberton

The weather is set to clear (just an odd shower in the morning) for Alberton's 3rd annual Vintage Market Day on Sunday! Come along to find a vintage, retro or antique treasure! There will be furniture painting demos, a raffle, old-fashioned games, Mr Johnny Green's mobile egg-cup museum, bakery stall, coffee, crepes and gelato!

Head to Balmoral's super Central Flea Market run by the folks at Junk & Disorderly to rummage for a bargain beforehand. A great selection of stalls and quite different so make sure to visit both!

Central Flea is at 8am-1pm, Alberton Vintage Market Day 11am-3pm

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If cutting emissions is the big goal - why put up PT fares ?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Auckland is this year getting serious about reducing carbon emissions. Transport is the city's biggest single emitter. So how does it make sense to hike public transport fares? Read the story below:

17 hours ago

We Say, You Say: Beach Safety

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi Auckland,

Do you know how to spot a rip?

A study conducted by Surf Lifesaving New Zealand at Muriwai Beach found that 78 per cent of beach goers could not identify a rip current.

One geomorphologist involved in the study spotted a "well-established" rip offshore and asked individuals at the beach to point it out.

The vast majority could not do so.

According to SLSNZ, around 80 per cent of rescues made were from people getting stuck in rips. They say that the easiest way to identify them is to spot calm strips of water that are flanked by breaking waves.

“They commonly occur in deeper channels that are cut between sandbars, which means waves don’t break as much in the rip current – this means that beachgoers often mistake them as the safest areas to swim because the water looks so calm when compared to the breaking waves either side.”

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2 hours ago

Looking for beginners garden tools

Sridevi from Mount Albert

Hello neighbours,

I have started growing some veggies and plants in my small backyard garden. I’m looking for some beginner gardener tools for free or affordable. Any small or medium sized tools would help If you have any lying around that you don’t need anymore or surplus for requirements please let me know.

Thanks in advance😊