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Frederique from Point Chevalier

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3 hours ago

Coronavirus is more of a reason to sort out the stadium

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, It's easy to say things shouldn't be done because we need to focus on Covid-19 elimination, but maybe that's more of an argument to sort out the stadium plan. Read the story below.

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Why Auckland Prices At Record High / 5 Perks Of Being A NZ Homeowner & How To Buy With No Deposit

Maxim from Avondale

In this newsletter (link below):
● Is NZ Recession Really Over & Little-Known Facts (Week 5)
● 5 Perks of Being a NZ Homeowner & How to Buy with No Deposit
● Why Auckland House Prices Hit Record High (Release Sep 2020)
● Top 10 Rises & Falls Over the Last 7 Days (NZX Stock Market)
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