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1 day ago

Poll: Is the message to not leave dogs in hot cars getting through?

Denise Piper Reporter from Central Leader

The SPCA says a new $300 fine is helping to spread the warning that people should not leave their dogs in hot cars.
What do you think - is the message getting through to dog owners?

Is the message to not leave dogs in hot cars getting through?
  • 23.2% Yes, the $300 fine helps
    23.2% Complete
  • 23.2% Yes, owners better understand the risks
    23.2% Complete
  • 48.2% No, I still see dogs in hot cars
    48.2% Complete
  • 5.4% Other (please say what in the comments below)
    5.4% Complete
56 votes
6 days ago

Post letters of previous tenants.

Hatim from Mount Albert

Hello Neighbours,
I keep getting lot of mails of at least 5 previous tenants of my property. They include bank statements , IRD letters , jury service letters.. etc
I leave them in the post box for few days and dump them in the bin after a week.
Wanted to check if there is some way i can i inform folks that these people don't stay here anymore. I wish there was one single system to change address in all possible places :-)

22 hours ago

KEA Kids News: Unwrapping one of Auckland's new trains from Spain

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Auckland's new trains have started arriving from Spain - and they need to be unwrapped.

Harry Calder, 9, is at the train depot in Onehunga to pull the plastic off for a sneak peak of the trains before they hit the tracks, in this KEA Kids News video bulletin.

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