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Mt Roskill rental ad asking tenants not to cook stir fries "discrimination"

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, An online ad for a Mt Roskill rental property requesting tenants avoid stir fry cooking has been changed after it was found to be discriminatory.
TradeMe says the line stating the landlords would "prefer non-stir fry cooking method tenants" is illegal and a breach of the Human Rights Act. However, the landlord says he thought it was OK because it was just a preference. Have you experienced discrimination while looking for a home?

2 hours ago

What's On: No Holds Bard

Nicolette from Auckland Central

Described by critics as exhilarating, brilliant, deranged, hilarious and soulful, Michael Hurst’s acclaimed solo performance finally arrives at Q, 25 - 29 February as part of Auckland Fringe.
No Holds Bard
  • Q Theatre
2 hours ago

Is your baby due between January – May 2020? Help medical students at The University of Auckland.

Ellen from Point Chevalier

Is your baby due between January – May 2020?
- Would you be interested in participating in the Human Early Life Development –Integrated Learning Activity (HELD-ILA) helping our future doctors learn about early childhood development?
- Would you be happy for a pair of Medical Students to visit you to assess your baby’s development? The assessment is done with observations and questionnaires. This would involve 6-7 visits each 60-90 minutes in your own home over 18 months.
If you would like to find out more, please contact: The HELD Recruiter, Department of Paediatrics: Child and Youth Health, University of Auckland on Ph: 027 2719068, or by email at *
*Please note we will be away Dec 21 2019 – Jan 6 2020 but will reply to any messages received asap once back

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