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Recipe: Classic Omelette

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

Omelettes are essentially a version of scrambled eggs but they have been left to rest and coagulate so that the pan side is firm. Some people prefer firm omelettes, others like to have the egg a little runny so that it retains that soft, silky consistency also known as baveuse.

3 Eggs
1 pinch Salt
½ tsp Butter, or a splash of good quality olive oil

1. In a bowl whisk the eggs. Add salt.
2. Heat the butter in a frying pan (non-stick is easier) until it is just beginning to brown and has a nutty smell. Let it run around the pan so that it is well coated.
3. Pour in the egg mix. With your rubber spatula, constantly lift and scoop around the edges and cut through the middle of the egg mixture to cook evenly.
4. If you are adding a filling to the omelette, it should be done at this point.
5. Roll or fold the omelette by folding one half on the other, or fold one third on the middle third and then roll on the remaining third.

Prior to folding, you can add a filling to lift the flavour of the omelette.
Classic combinations include:
Saute mushrooms
Blanched spinach (with cream)
Diced ham
A combination of finely chopped herbs such as chives, chervil, parsley, tarragon

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