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1 day ago

Auckland councillor slams 'culturally ignorant' protest over Mt Albert/Ōwairaka trees

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours,

A politician has condemned the Mt Albert tree protest in Auckland and questions why the police response to Ihumātao was different.

What are your thoughts on this?

20 hours ago

Strawberry Globbler Help

Mubashir from Mount Roskill

Something creepy has been gobbling up my strawberries when I leave them to ripen. What could it be? I have lavishly sprinkled slug and snail bait around but no stopping. There is enough grains for the birds to feed from as well 🤔. I think whoever that is, is more deserving than me as per nature 😀 as the poor thing can't walk to the supermarket to buy few!

6 days ago

Swimming warnings at Auckland beaches

The team from

Auckland Council has alerted beach-goers to 39 city spots that have a "high risk" of illness from swimming.

The warnings come after yesterday's deluge of rain that overloaded parts of the storm and wastewater networks. A black alert indicating a very high risk of illness from swimming was issued for Castor Bay just after 3pm yesterday.

It's recommended that people do not enter the water while the warnings are in place.
Check here to see where's safe to swim.
Source: NZ Herald