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18 hours ago

Shopping Trolleys :(

Mubashir from Mount Roskill

There are few places I keep finding these every time at same spots. They're quiet far from the supermarkets so I don't think people push them all the way. I guess they stuff these in their cars and drive off. Irresponsible behavior and repeat offenders?

2 hours ago

Jecinda Arden is writing marketing propaganda without any listening to actual cries of the local businesses..

Amandeep from Mount Albert

Those actual cries will haunt labour party when they will lose election next year.

34 minutes ago

Is your phone emergency ready? 📢📲

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Only 10 days to go until the 2019 Emergency Mobile Alert nationwide test on 24 November!

EMAs allow you to quickly receive important information from relevant government agencies if there is a serious risk to your life, health or property. The upcoming test allows NZ Civil Defence to evaluate the system to ensure as many people as possible can receive alerts.