28 days ago

Is Auckland Transport going too slow on speed cuts ?

Todd Niall Reporter from Central Leader

Auckland Transport's board may drop all or some of the planned speed restrictions on nearly 800 Auckland roads. Some might not make sense but if a lot are dropped following consultatio, how can Aucklanders be sure that it not simply because a reduction is unpopular? Read the story below:

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3 minutes ago

What's On: Open and Honest

Auckland from Grey Lynn

A workshop for parents and caregivers run by Family Planning on talking to children about sex and sexuality. This workshop is open to all genders.
Open and Honest
  • Auckland Women's Centre
18 minutes ago

What's On: Building New Life After Separation

Auckland from Grey Lynn

Women can learn from each other and share practical skills on exploring ways to rebuild your life after a separation.
Building New Life After Separation
  • Auckland Women's Centre
4 days ago

Need ideas for first baby’s first birthday :)

Janet from Mount Roskill

Hi all,

Our first baby son’s birthday will fall on 23 Dec. It’s about 2 months to go. As new parents, we wanna make it a special occasion for him. Doesn’t have to be big or fancy, just small and sweet is enough to make it a memorable experience for him and our little family.

Wonder if you folks have any good ideas to share please. I’m thinking to bake a cake too but no idea what’s the best one to make.

Let me know. Thank you so much!