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1 day ago

What are your thoughts on Royal Oak roundabout getting an upgrade?

Mandy Te Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, Royal Oak roundabout could be getting a potential $1m upgrade. In the past five years, there have been 61 crashes at the roundabout. To make it safer, Auckland Transport has suggested a new shape for the roundabout, raised traffic islands, raised speed tables, and new road markings and signage. What do you think needs to be done about the roundabout?

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11 hours ago

Soft plastic recycling bins are back

Paul Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours, soft plastic recycling bins are coming back.

The Love NZ Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme, which was suspended in 2018, has returned to Auckland and Hamilton and, as of October, will be back in Wellington too.

It can get confusing trying to keep track of what to recycle, what not to recycle, and what's just rubbish.

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Here's what you can and can't put in soft plastic recycling bins.

1 hour ago

Missing cat

Angelee from Mount Albert

My cat Simon escaped from our place on Lyon Ave. She has been missing for 2 months and 17 days now and she was only here for 1 day before she managed to escape. I miss her so much so I really hope someone has seen her!! She means the world to me and I have been doing everything I can to get her back. She is a thin cat but super fluffy. Part Maine coon so you can usually tell her apart because of her slight ‘maine’. She is harmless but is most likely very scared so she may bolt if you go near her. I have attached a few pictures so if you guys could keep an eye out that would be great!! Please let me know if you spot her.