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Covid-19 Update: Covid case had contact with infected family during lockdown, PM says

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Hi neighbours,

Auckland has moved back to level 3 lockdown.

The rest of the country has moved to alert level 2.

Here's the latest update from Georgia Forrester at Stuff:

* There was undisclosed contact between a family member of case M's and another family during alert level 3, PM Jacinda Ardern has confirmed on Monday.

* One new community case, already in quarantine, was announced on Sunday evening.

* The new confirmed case, Case O, is a household contact of cases I, J, K and L

* Huge queues built up at Auckland-Waikato border on Sunday evening.

* Auckland has moved to alert level 3 for at least seven days.

* The rest of the country has moved to alert level 2. A reminder of what the alert levels mean can be read here.

* Here are the locations of interest visited by infectious cases:


* Travel in and out Auckland is restricted.

For more information, go to:


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7 hours ago

Broken into car on symonds street Royal Oak

Mary from Onehunga

Hi Neighbours,

About 4.45am this morning my car was broken into parked at the church on symonds street, Royal oak by the big Royal oak round about.

The priest of thee church woke to their house being burgled around the same time.

My handbag and laptop hidden under the shopping bags - which I normally would leave in of course - were stolen.

The laptop bag is very distinctive with a black back and strap and a NZ art design. The laptop is a silver HP.

Inside my handbag which is grey, was a few things including a sentimental ring from Tahiti with two pearls coming together. This would not. Normally be seen in NZ.

There was also a card holder wallet with credit cards, license etc.

They walked down symonds street towards Royal oak intermediate as many items from my bag were scattered along the footpath.

Any help would be amazing even security footage along this road.

A police report has been done.

Thank you all.


10 hours ago

NZ Police Weekly Crime Alert Pictures & Grey St low traffic info

Colleen from Onehunga

Hi Neighbours,
This is from Senior Constable Don Allan.....

Please forward on this weeks crime alert .

If you are a resident of Onehunga and would like to input into the “Low Traffic Neighbourhood” pilot Please follow this link ( or cut and paste it into your search bar) akhaveyoursay.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz...
I would like to encourage as many local residents as possible to comment on this project while reminding residents to please be patient and mindful of traffic safety in and around this area. There have been a number of complaints relating to bad driver behaviour in and around the project area on Grey St and Arthur St which are putting pedestrians at risk.
I am aware that there are many residents who are in objection to this project, however providing your feedback through the property and necessary channels is vital for a review and the right outcome for our community.
If you do have any immediate safety concerns, please feel free to contact me directly

Keep safe and remain vigilant.

Kind regards

Crime Alert 15 April 2021.pdf Download View