51 days ago

Retro Suitcases for the classroom

Steven from Three Kings

Hi everyone I am after some retro suitcases that I can use for my classroom's reading corner next year. Does anyone have any or know an op shop where I could get them from.
I have attached a photo of what I am after. Colour doesn't matter.

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13 hours ago

Countdown Online Shopping

Kim Neighbourly Lead from Mount Roskill

Have you done your grocery shopping online and had it delivered?
Well, for a long time I said I would never do this. I at the time, considered it lazy of myself Lol.
However, changes in circumstances have left me exploring my options. I've now had my shopping delivered quite a few times, and I can not stress enough how great it is. It may not be for everyone, I appreciate that.
I love that I can get up at my usual early rising time (before light), make a cuppa, and sit and do my shopping from the comfort of my seat in my pj's.
The feeling of having done it and knowing it will be delivered soon, without stepping foot in the store, is great.
Stress free. Safe. Never had an order go wrong. Packed and stored correctly and safely.
I wish I had been doing it way before now.
I just wanted to give this a shout out and recommend you have a go and see if it's for you.
I'm converted. From never will I, to, I love it and don't want to do it another way.
If I get a taxi to and from my home to shop, it would be $20ish return, then the waiting for the taxi, the queues and for those anxiety sufferers, the busyness of the store. For $15 someone actually takes my list and trolley and does it for me, then someone else will deliver it and all I have to do is put it all away. Oh the bother Lol.
It's 7am and the shopping is done, before the store is open!
Fabulous! Don't be frightened of the process or cost like I was. It's worth it!

6 hours ago

A young life changed

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation

An 11-year-old Bay of Plenty boy may look like an ordinary child, but the challenges he has faced and the struggles he’s overcomes set him apart from the crowd.

8 hours ago


Natalie from Avondale

Every Friday on our Insta and FB we release a free, quick, easy and cheap recipe you can try with your family for MEATLESS MONDAYS.
Post it up on Monday on Insta and FB with the #prepmfmondays and we will share the best on our social media (comp coming soon) OR create your own Meatless Monday dish and post up with the hashtag as a post and then others can share the goodness by searching the hashtag #prepmfmondays.