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Cameras help cut red-light-running but thousands still do it

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, motorists running through red traffic lights create some of the highest death and injury risks. Auckland Transport's roll-out of cameras is making a difference, but do you think penalties are tough enough ? Read the story below:

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3 days ago

Slower Car Traffic Around the city

Lucian from Glen Eden

I heard this podcast lately where NZTA (or Waka Kotahi) is stating car traffic is being slowed on purpose in order to "make it easier to get around"! ?! (See link below)

Personally, even if you agree or not with the purpose of such a policy, the way it's been implemented, i.e. without previous consultation, without publicity, and without alternatives - it appears to me that car commuters are treated like irresponsible children and not grown up adults.
It looks like the transport agency's role to make transport faster is being hijacked into changing the transport by making it SLOWER and yes, SAFER, with the declared purpose of "making it easier to get around". Of course, if your car is not moving you're perfectly safe!

I find this would work great in Europe, where I was able to use the EFFICIENT, FAST and PUNCTUAL public system to get around. But this infrastructure is NOT NEAR close enough to what's required as an alternative to using your vehicle in Auckland, as any trip by bus or train will usually take twice as long. Of Europe has a bigger economic capacity, and the reality in tiny NZ is the car is still reigning in most socio-economic communities as a main means of transport.
Such a policy would make sense if there would be an option in planning or building / execution, but in my view, there isn't a viable transport alternative yet in the works.
So, in my view, car commuter are left with is put up with more delays, frustration, time wasted, fuel burned in slower traffic as there's no alternative - in the name of a rushed ideology with no proper investment or planning. To poke a bit of sarcastic fun, it looks like a nanny state, where the nanny doesn't know what to do, but wishes to appear strong and confident...
I wonder if people find this decision although nice in it's intention, as completely missing the mark and not addressing the real issue of under investment in the public transport system.
It's timing might be right in 5 or 10 years from now when hopefully some of the much needed public infrastructure projects (electrification of the rail past Swanson, Airport train or light rail loop, etc) will be closed or near to completion. Until then, in my view, it's just another bit adding to people's frustration who have no alternative to commuting to work, shopping, transporting kids to/from events etc etc.


1 day ago

Poll: Would you be more likely to attend a mass Covid vaccination event?

Melanie Earley Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Kia ora neighbours, a planned mass vaccination event at a south Auckland events centre where officials wanted to dose at least 15,000 people over three days has been knocked back several weeks.

Would you be more likely to get the vaccine at an event like this compared to booking an appointment with your GP?

Feel free to comment below on your answer.


Would you be more likely to attend a mass Covid vaccination event?
  • 19.4% Yes I would be more likely
    19.4% Complete
  • 64.4% No I'd rather see my GP
    64.4% Complete
  • 16.2% I don't plan on getting vaccinated
    16.2% Complete
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Auckland says goodbye to the 37th America's Cup

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Kia ora Neighbours, There will be no deal to stage the next America's Cup in Auckland, with the government/council offer falling far short of what defender Team NZ sought. Is it a loss for the city? Read the story below