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A Butchered Version of "War of the Worlds" that aired on TV1 for three Sundays

Matt from Henderson

Hi everyone, Matt here. Did anyone watch the "War of the Worlds" this Sunday just gone (20 October) and the other two Sundays (6,13).

I don't know what others think, I thought that having the 'War of the Worlds" for three Sundays did not cover the whole story line as far as I was concerned. If whoever had produced the "War of the Worlds" on TV1, they should at least looked the the "Jeff Wayne, War of the Worlds", music version and worked along that kind of story line and push the series or movie to a month and half long, still have on a Sunday but have it more action packed so to speak if that makes sense.

Here is a youtube link if anyone wants to watch the musical full concert version Jeff Wayne and his team did in the UK sometime back.


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Poll: Should horse racing be banned?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The Melbourne Cup can be seen as an excuse for people to dress to the nines and get so drunk that they often miss seeing the races.

The physical and psychological pain these horses suffer is immense, with the movement against horse racing growing as animal welfare advocates call for change. What do you think? Should horse racing be banned? Vote in the poll below.

Should horse racing be banned?
  • 39.2% Definitely - it’s inhumane
    39.2% Complete
  • 11.8% No - it’s a bit of harmless fun
    11.8% Complete
  • 5.8% I don’t have an opinion
    5.8% Complete
  • 43.2% Only for those found guilty of abuse
    43.2% Complete
669 votes
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Gotta be in it to win it!

The Team from Round the Bays

Hey Neighbours have ya heard the news?

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