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The Hub: free, safe study space for students

The team from Hills Church

Hey everyone- Just letting any students, or parents of students know about a safe, free space for them to study during exams this year!**

What is the Hub?**
The Hub is a free, safe space for students to come, study in peace and de-stress during NCEA exams in November. We’ll have a quiet room to study in with occasional tutors poping in to help. We’ll also have another room setup for people to hang out and chat.

When and where?
Every Thursday and Friday throughout November from 11am - 6pm in the side hall of Hills Church (179 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough)

Who’s behind it and why?
The Hub is run by Hills Church, specifically Jeremy the Youth Director. The reason we’re doing this is simple, we realise that this time of year is incredibly stressful for those facing exams. Given the year thats been, the disruptions from multiple lockdowns and the pressure to perform, we want to do our bit to help the youth of our community, to ease stress levels and fears surrounding exams.

What’s the catch?
There isn’t one. This is our way of honoring and blessing our community. We want to see the students surrounding us healthy and doing the best they can in all areas!

How do I get in touch?
You can find out more by contacting the Hills office or Jeremy directly.


Facebook Event for the Hub - www.facebook.com...

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Kids Nike slides and Helmet Found

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Carlton Rugby Field Epsom Carpark, South end found left on ground.
No one around for miles. I left it while I walked to a Cafe. Came back and decided to pick it up as car park empty and obviously was forgotten.
If you know the family or kid who left it please P.M me.

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Downtown Auckland projects almost finished

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Auckland Council are finishing up the remaining 3/6 of their projects which are set to modernise the downtown area.

Programme Director Eric van Essen said the finished projects will allow for commuters to better switch between ferries, trains and buses.

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