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9 days ago

How on earth do some people get their driver's license? 🚗

Fiona from Henderson

I am constantly surprised, gobsmacked, shocked and very disappointed at how so many drivers are driving so badly on a daily basis. I am assuming, maybe incorrectly, that you all have your driver's license. If so, is it a legitimate licence or is it from the bottom of the weet-bix packet?
The list of basic errors and stupidity on the roads is a daily mind boggling experience and we are now finding ourselves wondering when, not if but when some idiot is going to take us out because of their bad driving.
All this has come from me being behind someone I know today and watching their shocking driving and my blood was boiling. This person thinks they are a great driver and won't be told otherwise. So maybe they will listen to the Police.

So I got to thinking, what has really got my blood pressure up today and so here are just a few DAILY occurrences that happen all over Auckland, both suburbs and motorways and yes, they happened today.
1. Zero use of indicators - sorry but my crystal ball is at the cleaners, sorry my bad but I can't read your damn mind as to which way you want to turn. This includes at the roundabouts as well.
Don't forget to turn off your indicator as well, if it doesn't turn off automatically.
2. Constant tailgating - all the while trying to overtake while I am either at the legal speed or even a couple of kms over - BACK OFF!!
3. Overtaking on solid white lines - illegal!
4. Overtaking on solid yellow lines - illegal and dangerous!!
5. Trying to make a right/left hand turn on solid yellow lines (no breaks in the lines for turning) all the while holding everyone up while trying to do this illegal move - - illegal and even more dangerous and let's not forget about idiotic and selfish!!
6. Running orange/red lights - the lights will be turning green again you idiots. It doesn't take all day for it to turn green again either; it's only a couple of minutes out of your very important day! This includes truck drivers as well.
7. I’m now finding myself to pause for a few seconds when the lights do go green thus avoiding some idiot who is running a red light, yes again truck drivers are included in this one as well.
8. 80 kms means 80 kms NOT 90 or 100 kms NOT 120 or 130 kms as we seem to be seeing all the time now. I know so many of us drive the exact speed required or even maybe a 2-5 kms over (be honest), but our roads are not Hampton Downs folks. You will get to your destination in the end, but keep up this type of speeding and your final destination will be the cemetery.
9. Secure your children in the legally required restraints i.e. car seats, booster seats etc … I am fed up seeing children climbing all over the inside of a moving car. Also, stop using adult seat belts for your wee ones. All you are doing is strangling them and they are far too young to use them. These are your babies and are precious cargo. Treat them as such. Also, let them out of the car on the passenger side, NOT the driver’s side.
10. On the topic of restraints, put your own damn seatbelt on!
11. Turn your headlights on when visibility is poor like early mornings before the sun rises. You would be surprised as to how many people don’t turn on their headlights and rely totally on the street lights. Also, when it’s raining, in the tunnel and don’t forget when the sunsets. A few easy rules to remember, No sunlight – turn your headlights on, raining – turn your headlights on, in a tunnel – turn your headlights on, street lights on – yes, turn your headlights on. BE SEEN!!!
12. Make sure that you are not driving with your high beams on constantly as this makes it so difficult to see for oncoming traffic, especially with the LED and xenon light bulbs. They are so blinding.
13. NO TEXTING OR USING YOUR CELLPHONE while driving – we can see you dumbass (even when you are picking your nose!). You are putting all of our lives at risk with your reckless, thoughtless and very selfish behaviour. Your eyes should be on the road, up front not on your hand or lap. Do you really not know that it’s illegal to use your cell phone at all while driving? This also includes: Bus drivers, truck drivers, taxi drivers, motorcyclists etc …
14. Why are so many people constantly sitting on their brakes? Is it because they are tailgating or speeding or is it just because they are impatient? You know the type, they speed up then hit the brakes, they slow down then hit the brakes … give me strength!
15. Do not hog your lane, especially if you are driving slowly. We’ve all come across these people – they hold up all of the traffic and most of the time, they are driving from 10-20 kms below the required speed limit. Move over or speed up to the required speed limit.
16. Secure your pets in the car. Again, these are your babies and are precious cargo. Treat them as such.
17. Tie down your load in trailers or pickups. Playing dodgems on the road trying to avoid solid objects that you have allowed to fly off is dangerous. Also, you don’t know if it will fly straight into someone’s windscreen or just fall onto the road, either way, it’s so dangerous.
18. Stay left on the road, not all over the place like a sidewinding snake for crying out loud.
19. Your rear vision mirror and side mirrors are not decorative pieces, use them!
20. The rule for pedestrian crossings is you must stop and let the pedestrian cross completely if there is no island in the middle. Not half way across, not almost across – completely. If there is an island, you can move forward when the pedestrian has reached the island, not a moment before.
Yes, it was a stressful day on the roads today!!😠

5 days ago

Alien-like creatures spotted on Piha beach

Tori Tokalau Reporter from Western Leader

Beachgoers thought the sea creatures looked like aliens, but they were just barnacles attached onto a driftfood.

5 days ago

How did the $1.2m supercar race leave Auckland?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, The V8 supercars race costs Auckland ratepayers $1.2m and is the city's most-publicly-sponsored major event. So how did it suddenly end up shifting from its Pukekohe home to Waikato's Hampton Downs? Read the story below: