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13 hours ago

Virus/pandemic management.

David from Glen Eden

Would it be possible to appoint a totally apolitical committee to manage such pandemic events which in time will reoccur. Such a cosmopolitan group would comprise experts in all related fields and including legal and military representatives. BUT NO POLITICIANS. A specialist qualified team would likely invent the best way to come up with the means to combat these evil diseases. We have that now but it provides political ammunition no matter what is done. The backchat, the arguments, the criticism with hindsight all create stress and undermine authority among the general public. It should not be, is not, a political issue. We can't have half the population following the rules and another half, or even a few of them, ignoring the rules because of political bias.

14 hours ago

Coronavirus: Auckland remaining at alert level 3 until August 26

The Team Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Have you heard the news? Auckland will remain in level 3, while the rest of the country will remain at level 2 until midnight Wednesday, August 26 – an additional 12 days.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the approach is “short, but precautionary”. Extending the restrictions for an additional 12 days is the same length of the virus’ incubation period, director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said.

To read more about what this means for Auckland, click here

1 day ago

Using an Auckland Council rubbish bin tag at home?

The Team from Auckland Council

During Alert level 3 put your tags on to ensure your bin is emptied.

BUY – rubbish bin tags at your local supermarket
TAG – attach a new bin tag to your bin before placing it at kerbside for collection
COLLECT – only bins with tags on will be emptied on collection day