33 days ago

Poll: Real Agent or Online Algorithms?

Real Estate Referrals

Thinking of selling your home?

Would you prefer a real agent who works in your area and has seen your property to appraise it (no obligations, free service) or are you happy with just the online algorithms that give a general idea?

If you answered yes and would like an appraisal by a real agent visit https://whatsmyhousevalue.co.nz/.

Real Agent or Online Algorithms?
  • 46.7% Yes - a Real Agent with local knowlege, no obligation and no cost
    46.7% Complete
  • 53.3% No - I prefer just a general idea without my home being viewed
    53.3% Complete
45 votes
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4 hours ago

Thieves still out there

Tracy from New Lynn

A friend contacted me who lives on blockhouse bay road. She had 3 plant pots pinched from her doorstep and a concrete statue of an angelic woman holding a bird in her left hand with a right hand holding a small bird bath. Sad that even at this time thugs still feel they are entitled to take from others. Hope karma gets them.

4 hours ago

Missing Cat

Rajneel from Glen Eden

Anyone seen our cat around Danube Lane , May wood cres or Glengarry red. Missing from Tuesday ( 24/3) night. Responds to name Chotu.if seen pls txt or call 0210721112 / 0211607250.

15 hours ago

When social distancing makes things closer

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Social distancing is the new buzzword, but out in semi-rural areas the end result seems to be that people are "closer". Do you notice a greater enjoyment in random social greetings? Read the column below: