76 days ago

Would you like NOT to have the usual Guy Fawkes Night?

Todd Niall Reporter from Western Leader

Hi Neighbours, Would you rather we didn't have the usual Guy Fawkes night in three months time? Councillor Cathy Casey has new ACC figures which she believes reinforce the case for a law change banning private fireworks use. Should that happen ? Read the story below:

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27 minutes ago

Rebus Puzzles

NumberWorks'nWords New Lynn

How many of these puzzles can you solve?

1 hour ago

On-demand garden waste collection

Sabine from Avondale

There's a new on-demand garden waste service starting around the country. I find garden waste collections at a set time hugely inconvenient, especially with the change of seasons. I just called them to ask when this service will be available in Avondale and the answer was: They have an app that you can download and registe yrour interest by providing your post code and your email address. They then monitor the amount of interest and provide the service to the area when there are enough people registered. Makes sense! By the way, this is not an ad, I'm in no way connected to the provider, but I really, really, really want this to be available in Avondale etc. so if you think like me, please download the app and register :) enviroearth.co.nz...

10 hours ago

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