33 days ago

What's On: Poetry on the Beach 2019

Kristin from Hatfields Beach

Come and join us for Poetry on the Beach 2019, a pre-event for National Poetry Day. Write your poem in the sand. Best poem prize $100, plus spot prizes. https://poetryonthebeachnz2019.wordpress.com
Poetry on the Beach 2019
  • Moana Reserve
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1 day ago

TACO BELL---The US based tex-mex chain will open a store in New Lynn, location a secret.

Brian from New Lynn

Three adverts looking for assistant restaurant manager's say paid training will begin mid-September, meaning an opening date will be soon after. The chain is owned by Restaurant Brands, which also own KFC, Pizza Hut, Carl’s Jr and Starbucks.

12 hours ago

Where are the best property deals?

Angela Quigan Reporter from Stuff

Hey neighbours,

The region (and city) you choose to invest in can drastically impact your future returns.

That's why, once you decide to invest in NZ's property market, your next step is to question which region you should park your money in.

To read more about where the best property deals might be click here.

3 days ago

An eye opener.....

Kusal from Glen Eden

So here's an eye opener....finished lunch, but didn't finish the plate since food was too oily at Henderson mall. This early 20's kid came to me and asked for change, I refused for obvious reasons.Then next he asked for my LEFT OVERS on the plate so he can have something to eat!!!!!......Man what in the actual ....!!! The regret I felt for that young man went to the core. Imagine his self respect,in his youth,his future,his friends......
Straight up, what I saw was that we have failed as a whole to take care of each other, failure of politicians and governments,failure in making a better future for the younger generation or any other generation for that matter😔
And of course this is why we should NEVER throw away food. Here's a good reason for myself and everyone else to remember!!!

Someone please point me towards where I can be a help to people that's struggling to find ends meet or to have a meal or where we can help the up and coming generations.