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List and Win with Ray White & Trademe

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7 hours ago

Again! Another America Cup debacle.

David from Glen Eden

New Zealand sailing and boat building is big business. It employs thousands of people, trade apprenticeships, and is a healthy outdoor water sport all over the country for young and old alike. Building millionaires yachts, like the America Cup boats, embraces advanced technology and every trade group imaginable. We can justifiably be proud of past achievements.
But my enthusiasm begins to wane. Again, as in previous years, we now read about disputes and legal arguments.
Holding the AC here in New Zealand, mounting a challenge, designing a boat, would likely not be possible without TAX PAYERS funding from the government. MILLIONS of dollars have been contributed and which I could understand in support of the racing spectacle and the industry generally. Yes, we do get a return from it as well as an international reputation. Right now I am disgusted!
If the organisers of the America Cup can't or won't choose race courses which avail this sailing spectacle to the very people who pay for it then please take it elsewhere. The management involved need to learn a few common manners and decency. You will gather I resent this sort of corporate style theft and mismanagement whether it's a form of cheating, arranging unfair advantage and even money laundering. And I KNOW I am not alone. The generously paid sailors themselves could at least use their collective voice to improve the situation.

3 days ago

Would you buy this cowboy Winston Peters portrait?

Melanie Earley Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Kia ora neighbours, if you’ve ever dreamed of having an image of New Zealand First leader Winston Peters wearing a cowboy hat, proudly hanging in your living room, now’s your chance to make it a reality. An artwork of Peters, created using coffee, red wine and tea is for sale on Trade Me. The current bid is almost $300, would you buy this?

9 hours ago

Crown Lynn Collector's Market

The Team from Te Toi Uku Crown Lynn & Clayworks Museum

Our twice yearly Crown Lynn Collector's Market will be held on Sunday 1 November at the museum at 8 Ambrico Place, New Lynn. It will be on 10 am until 2 pm and is the place to find that missing piece or pattern you are after.