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Choosing the right hearing technology for you

Clinical Audiologist Dr Peter O'Brien AuD MNZAS Audiology Associates

Choosing the right hearing technology depends on:
- Your level of hearing loss
- Your lifestyle
- Your budget

Hearing Aids come in various models; they can fit in the ear ITE/RITE, snugly in the canal ITC/RIC or behind the ear BTE. They are small and discreet and you can usually choose from a range of colours - match to skin/hair or choose to stand out from the crowd! There are also a variety of devices which connect to particular models of hearing aid; these may be customized to fit your unique hearing needs, and enhance your listening experiences on mobile phones and to assist listening to TV etc.

The team at Audiology Associates are happy to consult with you to help you decide what is right for you – we will provide no obligation quotes and an opportunity to trial*. We are always very happy to help with all of your hearing needs.

* conditions apply

Photograph courtesy of Starkey and shows their hearing aid model the Starkey Halo 2.
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Could you be "The Namer" and find Auckland's new brand?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Officially the short-list has been drawn up for a new name for the merged council agencies ATEED and RFA. But here's the criteria - see if you can do better. What would you call it? Read the story below:

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Poll: Auckland's super-city: One decade on: Is local government running more efficiently?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

It's been 10 years since Auckland's new super-city was formed, forged from eight legacy councils.

For Aucklanders who have lived through the massive overhaul, do you think local government is running more smoothly?

Auckland Council's first year was far from smooth with the Occupy protest, the Rugby World Cup opening night transport debacle, a battle with central government over funding the inner-city rail loop, and a contest of wills over delegating powers to local boards and council-controlled organisations.

Auckland's inaugural super mayor Len Brown hailed it a success.

"Generally 2011 has been a good first year for the council, " Brown said in 2012.

"We've brought the region together... At the same time we have driven $81 million in efficiencies and reduced the inherited 9.3 per cent rates increase down to 3.9 per cent."

The boundaries of the new super city were unveiled in 2010.

Super city Auckland was divided into 13 wards with 21 local boards.

Auckland's super-city: One decade on: Is local government running more efficiently?
  • 7% Yes
    7% Complete
  • 93% No
    93% Complete
517 votes
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Tanks for doing your part

The Team from Auckland Council

Act now to beat the water shortage:
• Install a rainwater tank (resource consent fees waived).
• Maintain your tank (check guttering is clear).
• Install water saving devices (shower head/taps).
• Install a water sensor to monitor your usage.