150 days ago

Auckland Transport spends $2.6 million to monitor transit lane with 99pc compliance

Caroline Williams Reporter from North Shore Times

Auckland Transport has been criticised for spending $2.6 million on cameras to stop people illegally using Onewa Rd's transit lane, which already had 99 per cent compliance.

The ratepayer-funded organisation recently installed 68 cameras along the road, at a cost of $2.6 million, to save its staff from having to manually enforce compliance with a camera on the side of the road, which put them at risk of being abused by angry motorists.

Auckland Transport was reviewing the way it manages all the region’s special vehicle lanes, and hoped the technology would increase efficiency to have the network operating as freely as possible.

But Kaipātiki Local Board member Paula Gillon​ said it was an “extraordinary” amount of money to spend on a road where the transit lane rules were adhered to by motorists 99 per cent of the time.

While it was likely the cameras would stop people from illegally using the transit lanes, Gillon believed congestion would get worse in the normal lane, as Auckland Transport had not put forward any alternative solutions.

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1 day ago

Scaffolding collapses at luxury apartments

Caroline Williams Reporter from North Shore Times

Scaffolding has collapsed at a luxury apartment building in Takapuna overnight.

The scaffolding is understood to have fallen from a swimming pool near the base of The Sentinel tower between Huron St and Northcroft St.

As it fell, the scaffolding smashed glass awnings – leaving a pedestrian courtyard covered in smashed glass - and penetrated the roofs of nearby shops.

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6 days ago

'We are so sad': Parents of missing French teen Eloi Rolland search for answers in NZ

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

French teen Eloi Rolland, who has been missing in Auckland since March 2020, told his family he wanted to bring them to New Zealand.

More than two years after his disappearance, his parents Thierry and Catherine Rolland have finally arrived from France.

They do not know what happened to their son, and they’re desperate for answers.

“We don’t know what’s happened,” Catherine said. “We realise he is perhaps in another place.”

But the couple remain hopeful that Eloi is alive and well and said they would always be there for him.

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2 days ago

Night patrols

Pablo Delgado from Beach Haven and Birkdale Community Watch

Night patrols are our most important commitment. Donations from our generous neighbours are helping us to keep our cars running through the night while looking for suspicious activities to report to authorities.
With fuel prices skyrocketing this help is more necessary than ever. Please, visit our GiveaLittle page or ask for our bank account details if you'd like to help.

GiveaLittle: givealittle.co.nz...

Keep in mind that the best donation you can give is your time, two hours can be extraordinarily useful to keep your Community safe, join us now.