36 days ago

Auckland Water problem.

Timothy from Northcote

Hi Neighbours, i have been thinking, why Auckland have a water problem? We pay for water supply and some form of sewage fee to the 1 and only water company in Auckland (a monopoly if you ask me) and yet i dont see any infrastructure growth towards our water supply given the city is growing each day. What frustrate me is, the only water company in Auckland is putting a Manatory restrictions to our usage of water. I understand and do conserve water, but i felt they are finding ways to take care of its stakeholders and shareholders and not the customer that dont have a choice to get mains water from them. Yes i can buy water from a company that delivers water to your door and fill up your tank, however thats defeating the purpose, because i need council consent to put a massive water tank on my property.
I might be wrong, and happy to be educated or just have a neighbourly banter on the issue.

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4 hours ago

Keep an eye on daily water usage

The Team from Auckland Council

As the drier months set in, you’ll be seeing this water gauge quite a bit. It’s a way for metropolitan Auckland to keep an eye on daily water usage. The aim is to stay in the green and below the daily target.

To see the gauge in action, visit www.watercare.co.nz

If you’re on tank water, when did you last look inside your tank? If you rely on rain to keep your household taps flowing, toilet flushing or stock watered, now’s a good time to check your levels, monitor your usage and look at booking a top-up early. Secure your water future by investing in an additional tank.
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7 days ago

Lower-cost plan to hook water tanks to mains supply

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, More than 4,000 households on rain tank water supply will be given a lower-cost option to top up from the mains. The price is not yet known, but will be cheaper than a $7k full connection. Good idea? Read the story below:

21 hours ago

Ardern's landslide now confronts Auckland's to-do list

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, The Labour landslide removes most of the excuses (New Zealand First) offered for why some big Auckland projects didn't happen last term. So will it now all be go ? Read the story below: