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Developers take family's rainbow letterbox after neighbours complain

Melanie Earley Reporter from Western Leader

Kia ora neighbours, a Sunnyvale family had their rainbow letterbox taken by property developers, who they say claimed it was because it was “ugly”.

Hannah Lee and her family have had the rainbow-coloured letterbox – which they share with two neighbours – since the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown.

“During that time my neighbour decided to paint the letterbox as a symbol of love and hope and our kids and all their friends loved walking past it.”

Next to Lee’s driveway is a newly built apartment block, which was overseen by property developers Williams Corporation.

Lee said her neighbour got in touch with the company, but was told it had no idea about the missing mailbox.

After filing the report, Lee said her neighbour called Williams Corporation back and less than an hour later, someone called back and admitted the company had taken the letterbox.

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Is your broadband bill about to increase? Don't throw money away.

NZ Compare

Spark have recently announced a price increase of $3 - $5 a month for new and existing broadband customers and other providers seem likely to follow suit.

Information collated by our research team has found that tens of thousands of Kiwis are still missing out on hundreds of dollars of savings each year on their broadband bill, because they are failing to shop around for cheaper broadband plans.

We estimate that over 500,000 households would be able to pay less for their broadband each month but many consumers are unaware of the fact that they could be making these savings and people often don’t know where to start when looking for a change in broadband plan or provider.

This is where NZ Compare can help. Our websites are simple to use and if you need more help, our friendly, Auckland based, customer support centre can advise on the most suitable broadband plan for your needs and help talk you through the switch. With unlimited fibre broadband plans available for less than $60 a month why would you pay more?

Find out more at NZ Compare or call the team on 0508 226672

CORRECTION: This post has been amended to clarify that the price of fibre and copper broadband internet services will increase, and that the increase is between $3 and $5 a month, not only $5 a month on fibre broadband plans as previously posted. (Amended at 10.31am, June 23, 2022)

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Spark Wireless Broadband is here!


Find out if you have Spark’s Wireless Broadband at your address and start the exciting journey. Stay connected, surf the web, and confidently work from home with more choice and freedom that the internet brings to our lives. Not available everywhere.

Spark modem connected to mains power required, costs $106.20 or available on IFP. Fair use policy, data caps and Spark’s terms apply.
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Why Believe the Gospels? - Jesus Christ, Lord or Legend?

Christadelphians New Lynn

Jesus appears throughout the New Testament in ways which show that he is a real person. We have books written by two of his brothers, books written by people who knew him well and people who had met his family. In addition to this Jesus appears in many other documents written in the first and second centuries. There are half-a-dozen secular Roman writers within a century of Jesus who refer to him, and there are many Apostolic Fathers (men who had met Jesus’ Apostles) as well as other Christian writers who all refer to Jesus.

This presentation shows some of the evidence which shows that Jesus was a real person who really lived in Galilee and was crucified in Jerusalem.

Click "Read More" to watch a YouTube video on this topic.