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Council Call Centre

Jay from New Lynn

Is anyone else having trouble getting things dealt with via the council call centre? Just one example: After a very lengthy hold listening to dire last century NZ songs, I spent half an hour detailing an issue which the operator recorded. She then said she'd get back to me. Several hours later she phoned back and said that she'd spoken to "dispatch" and "they don't deal with this". She then hung up without giving a Job no. Lately other attempts to contact the call centre have resulted in complaints not being accurately recorded resulting in time being wasted by council officers. I now prefer to bypass the call centre entirely. And not all issues can be dealt with via the council website Report a Maintenance Issue form.

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Two new Auckland community cases-----check out the locations visited by them.

Brian from New Lynn

The Auckland locations visited by two new Covid-19 community cases have been revealed by the Ministry of Health. The list of North Auckland locations includes a range of supermarkets, a petrol station, a pharmacy and a retail store. The list covers a period from January 17, two days after the cases completed quarantine, to January 26. The pair were in managed isolation at Auckland's Pullman Hotel at the same time as the recent Northland case and after "urgent testing" this evening, they are now being treated as confirmed. Director general of health Ashley Bloomfield said in a statement this evening that while the cases can't be ruled out that as historical infections, test results so far indicate the two people may have contracted Covid-19 towards the end of their stay in managed isolation, after returning two negative tests each during their stay. "Genome sequencing results, which are expected tomorrow, and serology results expected the following day, will help develop the picture further." But Bloomfield said that out of an "abundance of caution" the Ministry is now responding as if these are confirmed current infections. Bloomfield said there is no evidence so far that suggests community transmission — "but we need the right people to isolate and get tested". "We understand that many will be anxious, but it's important to remember we are carrying out these measures as a precaution." Bloomfield asked anyone who has visited the below locations during the time period, or was in Auckland with symptoms, to isolate and call Healthline to arrange a test and remain isolated until they receive their result.
The full list is:
• BBQ King Albany - Jan 17, 11am-2pm
• Pak n Save Silverdale - Jan 17, 2pm-2.30pm
• BBQ King Albany - Jan 17, 5pm-9pm
• Pak n Save Silverdale - Jan 18, midday-12.30pm
• BBQ King - Albany Jan 18, 12.30pm-3pm
• Caltex Ōrewa - Jan 18, 1pm-1.30pm
• BBQ King Albany - Jan 18, 5pm-9pm
• Hickeys Pharmacy Ōrewa - Jan 23, 12.30pm-1.30pm
• Farmers Albany -Jan 24, midday-1pm
• Tai Ping Supermarket Albany - Jan 24, midday-1pm
• New World Ōrewa - Jan 25, 1pm-2pm
• Tai Ping Supermarket Northcote - Jan 26, 12.30pm-1pm
Meanwhile, Bloomfield said a number of steps have already been put in place at the Pullman hotel.
These include:
• deep clean of commonly used areas and
• tighter restrictions on movement of returnees including no arrivals or departures
• increasing hotel ventilation
• requesting returnees who've recently left, to not fly, to stay home and have an additional test within 48 hours
• restricting staff from working at other sites
• tighter restrictions on movement of returnees including no arrivals or departures from the facility.
And a number of walk-in/drive-thru community testing centres will be open in Auckland — some with extended hours, Bloomfield said.
These include:
• Northcote Community Testing Centre
• Balmoral Community Testing Centre
• Whānau House, Waipareira Trust Henderson
• Health New Lynn
• The Whānau Ora Community Clinic
• Ōtara Community Testing Centre

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If cutting emissions is the big goal - why put up PT fares ?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Auckland is this year getting serious about reducing carbon emissions. Transport is the city's biggest single emitter. So how does it make sense to hike public transport fares? Read the story below:

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We Say, You Say: Beach Safety

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi Auckland,

Do you know how to spot a rip?

A study conducted by Surf Lifesaving New Zealand at Muriwai Beach found that 78 per cent of beach goers could not identify a rip current.

One geomorphologist involved in the study spotted a "well-established" rip offshore and asked individuals at the beach to point it out.

The vast majority could not do so.

According to SLSNZ, around 80 per cent of rescues made were from people getting stuck in rips. They say that the easiest way to identify them is to spot calm strips of water that are flanked by breaking waves.

“They commonly occur in deeper channels that are cut between sandbars, which means waves don’t break as much in the rip current – this means that beachgoers often mistake them as the safest areas to swim because the water looks so calm when compared to the breaking waves either side.”

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