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Retirement village information webinar

The Team from Commission for Financial Capability

Are you or a loved one thinking of moving into a retirement village? The Office of the Retirement Commissioner is hosting a free, two-part webinar series on 23 and 24 September for anyone interested to help you understand the personal, legal, and financial implications. Selling the family home and moving into a village is a big decision, so register today and let our experts guide you through what you and your family need to know so you can be sure you make the right choice.

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Poll: Are you confident Auckland's light rail project will go ahead?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Auckland mayor Phil Goff says an announcement could be made soon on Auckland's light rail.

The $6 billion project to revive a tram network in Auckland was one of Labour's initial election promises in 2017.

After Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's big victory on October 17, the light rail system connecting the airport to Auckland's central city may finally get off the ground.

But Transport Minister Phil Twyford alluded key decisions are still to be made.

Twyford said in June the governing parties could not agree on a preferred proposal and the future of the project would be decided by the new Government following the election.

Are you confident Auckland's light rail project will go ahead?
  • 25.4% Yes
    25.4% Complete
  • 74.6% No
    74.6% Complete
445 votes
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What's On: Te Atatu Food Truck Fridays

Joseph from Te Atatu South

A tasty selection of Auckland's best food trucks, music and entertainment. 4:30pm-8:30pm. Monthly on first Friday of summer daylight savings months. Details at https://www.facebook.com/teatatufoodtruckfridays/.
Te Atatu Food Truck Fridays
  • Te Atatu South Community Centre
3 hours ago

Obeying the rules is so easy!

David from Glen Eden

My last attempt to encourage a little added discipline, or would I better talk to a plank? :-))
This covid-19 level one now held for several weeks is really worth protecting. The rules we are now requested to follow are so simple to apply that no justified excuse exists to refuse to do so. Even those dissenters, Mr 'Trump-likes-' have nothing to lose by complying as a mark of respect, at least, to the majority of more disciplined citizens. It will be too late to change your minds when either you, or friends or family are in hospital, or likely waiting in the corridor of one, or even having "recovered" are left with long term health problems with no known cure.
And yes, if this concept scares you, then good. If you think it is nonsense just check the world wide situation where levels 4 are even this week being applied because of vastly escalating numbers. The UK is one of several countries where it's out of control and growing.
Even if you can't stomach wearing a mask in crowded places at the very very least, please record your travels, use the simple QR codes availed or sign in. That way track and trace and appropriate isolation can be applied. The trade off for compliance right now will save lives and the economy like nothing else. It is asking so little. If I had my way simple temporary rules would became law. I do not want to see the effects of another level 4 and we don't need to. We don't deserve to either.