42 days ago

Pet obesity a 'significant concern' as vet warns owners not to feed dogs human food

Danielle Clent Reporter from Western Leader

Hi neighbours, SPCA says obesity in pets has become a serious health problem. It is recommended that leftovers are not given to dogs without speaking to a vet first.
Do you know your dog's healthy weight? Do you feed it leftovers?
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2 days ago

Poll: What do you think is the common reason Kiwis fail their driving test?

The team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

There is one common reason that is accounting for one-quarter of all immediate failures of driving tests - out of the options below, what do you think is the common reason Kiwis don't pass the test? Vote in our poll.

Find out the answer here.

What do you think is the common reason Kiwis fail their driving test?
  • 16.8% Failing to giveway
    16.8% Complete
  • 19.6% Travelling above the speed limit
    19.6% Complete
  • 23.2% Not stopping at stop sign
    23.2% Complete
  • 40.4% Not checking blind spots/mirrors
    40.4% Complete
915 votes
3 hours ago

What's On: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission

Megan from Birkdale

and Ageless Wisdom Teaching. Free multimedia presentation, all welcome. Phone 021 0799980.
UFOs and their Spiritual Mission
  • Glen Eden Community & Recreation Centre
3 hours ago

Desk Space , Avondale Rosebank Road @$389 /month inc all outgoings and Fibre Internet

Alston from Casa Infotech Limited

$389 /month
Office Desk Space for Professionals.
Come with all outgoings including shared Fibre Internet
A separate Air-conditioner
A Meeting room
Common Kitchen
Separate Kitchen ,
Electricity and all outgoings

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